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2019-09-16 18:15 Updating ClamTk is generally the same as installing ClamTk. Because ClamTk is supported by most distributions, updates come with the rest of your system's updates. See your distribution's documentation for more. If you do not use your distribution for updates, another option is to use the ClamTk website. Packages are available in rpm and deb

Apr 02, 2019  ClamTk is an open source desktop application that provides users with a graphical frontend for the well known Clam AntiVirus virus scanner application that runs on Linuxbased operating systems. . Getting started with ClamTk. Its user interface is divided in four sections, Configuration, History, Updates and Analysis. Each of these includes two or more entries that allow users to scan clamtk update gui version

ClamTk Free Download ClamTk Virus Scanner. ClamTk is a GUI frontend for ClamAV using gtk2perl. It is designed to be an easytouse frontend for Linux systems.

Oct 05, 2013 Download ClamTk for free. ClamTk is a graphical interface for Clam Antivirus. It is designed to be an easytouse, lightweight, ondemand desktop virus scanner for Linux. clamtk update gui version

ClamTk is only a GUI for ClamAV antivirus. To update the engine, your distribution needs to release an updated version of ClamAV itself. A polite reminder to whoever maintains ClamAV for your distribution may prompt them to do so. Why is the GUI telling me the GUI is outdated? This means the GUI itself has updates available. I've decided to use ClamTk on my Ubuntu, the problem is that it just simply wont update the antivirus engine and the GUI version from the software itself. What is the command that I could use in the terminal for the upgrade? (By the way, does anyone know if ClamTK is a decent antivirus software? It is listed as N1 on the internet. ) This version adds a Japanese language file and updates the Italian, Chinese and German language files. It also contains two minor fixes involving the detection of virus signatures and window resizing. Also, an updated version of clamtkkde was released containing the new language file. clamtk update gui version Sep 02, 2011 the 'GUI version' as well as the 'antivirus engine' were both outdated and the newer versions are available. The Software Center still shows the versions I have, I tried to download the newer version of the AntiVirus engine from the webssite it would not install. I did update the 'antivirus definitions' through via the terminal May 10, 2018 now simply uncomment # Checks 24 if you want clamav to check for updates every 24h, and save the file by pressing ctrlx. It should look like this# Number of database checks per day. # Default: 12 (every two hours) Checks 1 Installing ClamTK (Gui for ClamAV) The version available through the command line install interface is ClamTk 5. 20 the version through this softwre installation manager is 5. 201. as far everything works fine, wish to be more interactive with more info about updates version and date. wenderly 2 years ago: 3: there is a problem with update GUI version. And how can I Please note we're officially moving to Gitlab. Introduction. ClamTk is a graphical frontend for ClamAV using Perl and Gtk libraries. It is designed to be an easytouse, lightweight, ondemand antivirus scanner for Linux systems.

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